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Flatirons Massage Therapy Specializes in High Quality Deep Tissue, Therapeutic and Sports Massage. 


At Flatirons Massage Therapy we make it our mission to deliver the best deep tissue massage in Boulder. We promise that every client will leave their session satisfied that they have taken a significant step toward returning to the healthy, vital, functional body we all deserve.


Since 2001 we have been treating a wide range of clients- elite athletes, people suffering from work related aches and pains, clients coping with long term chronic pain and those in need of a break from daily stress.


We offer expert massage therapy at some of the best prices in Boulder and are currently accepting new clients.






"I am a happy repeat customer to Flatiron Massage. (Their) massage gives me a very big lift, and further releases the severe stress that I ... hold in my neck and spine.  As a former professional road cyclist who won many international events, I can say with confidence that (they) are just about as good with sore legs as with backs and necks.  Some time and money is very well spent in his office." -- Dale Stetina, Boulder CO, Winner 7 international stage races, overall G.C., many time US Champion


"I have been going to Flatirons massage for over a decade. There is no better massage in Boulder.

I have a very bad back due to back surgery at the age of 20. I also have joint pain from psoriatic arthritis. 

Their treatments have made the largest difference in my ongoing management of these chronic issues, and with his help, I am nearly pain-free. 

My weekly hour is the highlight of my week."--Megan Weber, MD

"I've had the privilege of (their) expertise for 15 years--no other therapists delivers

such deep, healing massage!" -- Marilyn Krysl, Boulder CO, Professor/Author


"The best deep tissue massage in Boulder." -- William H., Boulder CO, Professor

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